If you’re planning an international trip with your friends or family, beware about these things are not allowed in international flight, you definitely don’t want to spoil your vacation by the airport authorities because of your luggage. We sometimes in the excitement of our journey or unknowingly pack some things in our baggage that might cause hindrance in our travel plans. Well, Travel Kar, Bekifer. We are here to share the list of items which are not allowed on international flights and you need to take note of them before you start packing.

1. Power Banks

Power banks aren’t allowed in the check-in luggage as they contain lithium cells and they have combustible nature. Though, you can take a power bank with you in your hand or even can put it in your hand baggage.

2. Tools

Any kind of mechanical tools is not allowed on flights as they can lead to some serious injuries or can be used to threaten people or to physically hurt or even destroy the airport/airline’s properties. Your bag should not have even a tiny screwdriver.

3. Sharp Objects

No sharp objects like scissors, knife, blade, etc. are not allowed in international flights. So one should definitely not keep this kind of stuff while taking an international flight.

4. Lighters & Matchboxes

Lighters and Matchboxes are banned from international flights for obvious reasons. They can cause a fire because of their tendency to combust. So, you must not carry them with yourself.

People who smoke can take their lighter with them but lighter should be properly packed in a polybag and it should be kept in your pocket and should not be kept in your baggage.

5. Toy Weapon

All Kids love toys but if those toy weapons are not allowed in international flights. Airport authorities might ask you to leave that toy at security checking point. Make sure you don’t pack such toys in your luggage or in your kid’s bag.

6. Sporting Goods

No sporting goods are allowed on international flights. These include - Baseball Bats, Cricket Bats, Bows and Arrows, Hockey Sticks, Golf Clubs, Lacrosse Sticks, Ski Poles, Pool Cues, Spearguns.

7. Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is a self-defense item but sadly, it’s not allowed on international flights as it can be easily misused to harm someone. And, you must be sure that it’s not in either of your luggage.

8. Batteries

You can now carry battery cells in your hand baggage already installed in your electronic items and they won’t be removed at security check point. But, loose batteries can only be carried in your check-in luggage and not in hand-baggage.

9. Radioactive Materials

All corrosive material like acids, alkalis, mercury, wet cell batteries (except those used in wheelchairs), oven or drain cleaners are not allowed on planes.


You should take a note of all these items and should double check t not include these in your packing list as they can cause you extra time at airport and can spoil your enthusiasm as well.

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