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In 1947, following quite a while of honing Alfa Romeos into the ideal man of honor's hustling machine, Enzo Ferrari made the first vehicle to have the prancing horse badge as the Ferrari 125 S moved off its creation line in the little Italian town of Maranello. From that point onward, the Ferrari stable has been producing probably the most striking machines in the realm of vehicles and motorsport. An interpretation of this longing into the universe of open amusement, in evident Ferrari style, is the Abu Dhabi Ferrari World. Today, you can buy Ferrari World tickets and experience this image of Italian style, modern engineering, exclusivity and extravagance at Ferrari's first and only foray into the universe of amusement parks, Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi.

For those of you who don't have the foggiest idea, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is a mammoth Ferrari-themed amusement park situated on Yas Island. This Ferrari park ranges over a zone of 86,000 sq. m. furthermore, features attractions and rides, for every adventure level and age group. It additionally incorporates some extraordinary eateries and shops where guests can relax subsequent to encountering the exciting rides and attractions.



With a name like Ferrari joined to it, it's just natural that there will be some high octane entertainment at this well known Abu Dhabi amusement park. The exciting rides of this entertainment mecca in Abu Dhabi are certainly the features of this notable fascination in the capital. There is a sum of 37 great rides in Ferrari World. How about we investigate the best 5 rides at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, some of which have even been given a shot by well known Ferrari drivers including Kimi Raikkonen, Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso!



There are many record-breaking rides in Ferrari World, but none are as exciting as the Formula Rossa, the world's fastest rollercoaster ride which arrives at a pinnacle speed of an incredible 250 km/hr in simply 4.9 seconds! The adrenaline surge from this notable ride can maybe just be coordinated by a ride in the similarly lofty Ferrari vehicles. Awe-inspiring would be putting it mildly to portray this sensational ride, that needn't bother with extravagant plunges or diving statures to add to its appeal. It's made astounding by the one thing that Ferrari is known for: speed! If you are an adventure lover, make certain to check this gravity-defying ride in Ferrari World.

Keep in mind that the Formula Rossa is one of the most prominent Ferrari World Abu Dhabi rides and there is generally a long line to get to it. So we would prescribe that you come here right on time to abstain from passing up an opportunity to attempt this Ferrari World ride.

Minimum height requirement for the ride: 140 cm



One of the new Ferrari World rides added to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi in 2016, Flying Aces is one of the most exciting attractions housed under the notable red roof of one of the best amongst other amusement parks in Abu Dhabi. The 1500 long ride starts with a fast lift that takes everybody to the rides' most noteworthy point at 63 meters in only a couple of moments after which it plunges at a speed of 120 km/hr. This is trailed by a few circles, twists and rapid moves as the exciting ride spirals through the confounding circles.

Minimum height requirement for the ride: 130 cm



 Take a virtual turn around at the iconic Yas Marina circuit with this magnificent test system that permits six aspiring racers to compete with one another. In spite of the fact that it's a test system, the inclination is very near the first, with whiplash and shocks utilizing the water-powered backings. Go with a gathering of competitive friends to truly appreciate the experience. There's likewise a bigger F1 test system, reputed to be founded on a similar innovation used to prepare productive racers, for example, Fernando Alonso.

Minimum height requirement for the ride: 130 cm for ordinary test systems, 150 cm for cutting edge test systems.



This is one of the new rides in Ferrari World for the adventure addicts. A variant of the famous space shot ride, this is one of the rides at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi that takes you up to the dispatch of the 166-meter long track. Utilizing the LSM drive framework, which is the most dominant accessible available, you are then shot to an exciting velocity of 102km/hr to arrive at a tallness of 64 meters, remaining over the notable red top of Yas Island. From here you are plunged a free fall, rushing at a speed of 12m/s. This is among the top attractions at Ferrari World will unquestionably get the adrenalin siphoning as you can truly feel the draw of gravity as you are falling to the ground.

Minimum height requirement for the ride: 130 cm



 In view of the real GT courses, these parallel courses on the ride are made considerably all the more energizing since you will be situated on the esteemed F430 Spider-molded autos and going dangerously fast. The twin liners crossway at different points, so if you are going as a posse of companions, split up, so you can get a few excite by observing each other whizz past when you do run into each other.

Minimum height requirement for the ride: 130 cm

Other fascinating rides at Ferrari World incorporate the VR Challenge and Karting Academy alongside the Driving Experience where you can voyage along in a Ferrari with a prepared educator or come as travelers with your family close by. The driving experience comes at an extra cost.


In a nutshell

 From rides that go faster than the normal speed of an F1 vehicle cycle a track to tasting bona fide Italian nourishment, there is something for everybody to appreciate at Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi. You can race with your friends in dashing test systems with the most developed feedback frameworks or go for an exciting ride with the tallest non-inverting circle. You can go for a memorable, but virtual, voyage through the notable Ferrari manufacturing plant in Maranello or even figure out how to fly. With such a large amount of world-class amusement to encounter, Ferrari World is an unquestionable requirement for everybody visiting the United Arab Emirates. Throughout the years, Ferrari World has been granted more than 14 industry grants and honors, including the World Travel Awards, proclaiming Ferrari World as the Middle East's Leading Tourist Attraction Award in 2015 just as 2016.


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