Will my Indian Debit card or Credit card work in Thailand ?

Many people who are going to Thailand or planning a trip to Thailand ask us about the usage of a debit card or credit card in Thailand. They always have the same doubt “Will their debit card or credit will work in Thailand?” So, the answer is yes your debit card or credit card will work in Thailand. But, there are various things to be considered before leaving for your vacation. Things to Do for Working Debit card or Credit Card in Thailand:

  •  Who is the payment service provider for your debit/credit card?

There are the various payment service provider for debit/credit cards including VISA,
MasterCard, Maestro, RuPay and many more. But which cards will work in
Thailand? If you have a VISA or MasterCard, you can use your debit/credit card in
Thailand as they allow international transactions.
But, if you have RuPay Card, your card will not work in Thailand or in any other
international transaction as it has Indian payment gateway only. But, if you have
RuPay Platinum cards, your card will surely work in Thailand and other
international transactions.

  • But, How to check your debit/credit card’s payment service provider?

It is not a lengthy process to learn about your debit/credit card’s payment service
provider. Just take your debit/credit card and view it’s the front side, in the right
bottom side the name or logo of the payment service provider will be written by which
you can learn about the payment service provider of your debit/credit card.

  •  Do you need to do something additional for international transactions?

Yes, only having a VISA or Mastercard Debit/credit card is not enough for doing international transactions or using your debit/credit card in Thailand. You have to follow some additional steps. You have to enable debit/credit card for international transactions by contacting customer support of your bank or visiting your bank’s branch for hassle-free international transactions by your debit/credit card.

  • Is it required to take your debit/credit card on your trip to Thailand?

It is not mandatory to take your debit/credit card on your Thailand trip but it is advisable. In case of some mishappening like lost or theft, or shortage of money, the additional requirement of currency is generated; your debit/credit card can save your trip from disaster.

So our genuine advice is if you are planning a trip to Thailand or any other country, do check your debit/credit card’s international transaction status and Travel Kar, Befiker.

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