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Private Candlelight Dinner in Havelock Island - Tour

Private Candlelight Dinner in Havelock Island

  • South Andaman, India
  • 2 Hours 30 Minutes
Starting from $ 54

On this tour, we will enjoy a wonderful candlelight dinner on one of the most beautiful beaches in Havelock Island.  Havelock Island has a bewitching charm with dense tropical forests, lovely beaches, and a never-ending sight of the sea, making it a perfect getaway for couples. As the shore gets cuddled by the cool waves, hold your partner's hand as you let your taste buds experience the best cuisines of your lives. Dine under the moonlit sky with the sounds of lapping waves and the sand under is perfect for a romantic evening. And we will spend a romantic evening under a starry sky and return to your hotel with plenty of good memories. The candlelight dinner is served very close to the oceanfront, where you can hear and see the waves.  

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Radhanagar and Kala Pathar Beach Day Tour - Tour

Radhanagar and Kala Pathar Beach Day Tour

  • Kala Pathar Beach, India
  • 6 Hrs - 7 Hrs Duration
Starting from $ 34

In this tour, we will visit two of Havelock Island's top beaches onboard a modern saloon (car), perfect for the rocky ride and watch the sunset at Radhanagar Beach, one of India's most famous tropical getaways. Kick off your journey with a ride onboard a modern saloon (car). Arrive at Kala Pathar Beach instantly and enjoy the laid back ambiance of the place. After a few relaxing hours of sunbathing, proceed to Radhanager Beach for lunch. Enjoy a spread of local specialty dishes at a spot that grants a gorgeous view of the sparkling turquoise sea. Take your time feasting on a wide range of meals or explore the lush flora of the surrounding nature. Look for a comfortable spot by the beach and lay your beach towels in anticipation just before the sunset hits. Watch how the last rays of sunlight turn to gold, illuminating the sea with a warm orange color. Marvel at the tranquil beauty of Kala Pathar Beach as you lounge by its white sand shores.  

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Sea Walking Experience in North Bay Island - Tour

Sea Walking Experience in North Bay Island

  • Junglighat, Andaman and Nicobar Islands
  • 2 Hours
Starting from $ 56

In this tour, we will go on an exciting underwater walk on the seabed and witness the magnificent marine life of the Andaman Islands. North Bay Island is one of the most popular destinations in the Andaman Islands. Also known as Coral Island, this beautiful beach island boasts coral underwater treasures, as well as colorful schools of fish and a variety of vegetation. And what better way to explore the waters of this island than on foot? How is that possible, you ask? Try this sea walking experience, which takes you to the bottom of the ocean on the sandy seabed of North Bay Island, with a helmet that lets you breathe and see through the panels—while keeping your hair dry! The sea walking concept allows you to walk on the seafloor while you feel relaxed and at ease with your surroundings, as you breathe normally. We will dive to the ocean floor without any bulky diving gear or regulator, and still get an amazing underwater experience. A professional, who will teach you some sign language that's useful underwater.   

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Port Blair Private Half Day Sightseeing Tour - Tour

Port Blair Private Half Day Sightseeing Tour

  • Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands
  • 5 Hours
Starting from $ 21

In this tour, we will go for a historical tour to Port Blair, the largest city of the union territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. And Walk through the dark corridors of the Cellular Jail and stop by to witness a bomb pit from World War II. We will enjoy a ferry ride to Ross Island, explore the island, and watch a famous sound and light show. On this tour, you'll first head over to the infamous Cellular Jail, a colonial prison that was used by the British to exile political prisoners to the remote archipelago. Take a break for snacks and tea before heading over to Ross Island, where you'll watch a sound and light show. If you want to satiate your adventure-seeking and history-loving mind, then this tour is for you. Port Blair is a lively city that offers a vibrant mix of Indian Ocean inhabitants, from Bengalis and Tamils to Nicobarese to Burmese. The city also offers the perfect peek into India's fascinating history.  The professional guide, who will narrate the history and tell you some fascinating facts about the city.  

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Chidiyatapu Trekking Experience - Tour

Chidiyatapu Trekking Experience

  • Andaman, Andaman and Nicobar Islands
  • 5 Hrs - 6 Hrs Duration
Starting from $ 18

In this tour, we will see the natural beauty of Chidiyatapu in this trekking experience and we will Enjoy a long, scenic drive to Munda Pahad Beach - your trekking starting point. And we will explore its dense rainforest, where thick canopies of Padauk trees grow in abundance and Spot endemic birds and exotic animals as you trek your way to Munda Pahad hill. Start your journey with a ride to Munda Pahad Beach onboard an air-conditioned transfer. Brave the nearby rainforest with your expert guide and find yourself walking into a whole new world. Pick up delicate chirps of endemic birds and the gentle rustle of the neighboring animals - most of which are exotic and native to the island.  

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Glass Boat Ride and Dolphin Watching Experience in Andaman - Tour

Glass Boat Ride and Dolphin Watching Experience in Andaman

  • Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands
  • 1 Hour
Starting from $ 49

In this tour, we will discover the variety of marine species and colorful fish like the fire goby, freckled frogfish and more including sea turtles and corals. We will find a spot on deck for a perfect vantage point for watching the aerial acrobatics of dolphins and Let the guide keep you safe and provide the best ocean experience of your life. If you love the sea, dolphins, and some crazy adventure, then this experience is for you.  On this experience, you'll see majestic dolphins and unveil the beauty of the underwater kingdom lying beneath the Andaman Sea—without getting your toes wet! You'll board a glass boat, which provides a window into the mesmerizing world of marine species and corals. Then observe the surface of the water closely, and watch as dolphins jump and swim playfully, and if you're lucky. you could be lucky enough to capture dolphins on camera. If you love the sea, dolphins, and some crazy adventure, then this experience is for you.  

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