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Golden Temple and Jallianwala Bagh Morning Tour - Tour

Golden Temple and Jallianwala Bagh Morning Tour

  • Katra Ahluwalia, Punjab
  • 4 Hrs - 5 Hrs Duration
Starting from $ 17

In this tour, we will Explore the 400-year-old heritage of Amritsar with a visit to the Golden Temple, a key landmark of the city and visit the temple's mega kitchen that feeds over 100,000 people in a day. We will enjoy a cultural and historical morning in Amritsar with a morning trip, accompanied by an English speaking guide. After a great breakfast of local cuisine in a roadside restaurant, or a dhaba, you head to the Golden Temple. This easily recognizable and key landmark of the city is the holiest gurdwara in the Sikh religion. Here, the faithful offer prayers and take a meal provided for free by the temples. You can offer prayers yourself and also visit the temple's mega kitchen to see these meals being created and served. Following this, you head to Jallianwala Bagh, a public garden with a somber history. We will walk through the local market and learn from your guide the historic significance of these serpentine lanes and Learn more about the history of Jallianwala Bagh massacre and visit a local museum and enjoy a cycle-rickshaw ride through the bustle of Amritsari bazaars.  

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Amritsar Day Tour - Tour

Amritsar Day Tour

  • Amritsar, Punjab
  • 8 Hours
Starting from $ 78

In This tour, we will explore Amritsar in this full-day tour, seeing the city, its people, and learning about its history and drive through Jallianwala Bagh and learn about the mass massacre ordered by General Dyer. we will visit the Wagah Border and witness the flag down ceremony and we will see the splendid sights and destinations in Amritsar while accompanied by an expert local guide who will allow you to learn so much more than what is on the surface of this beautiful city. From your hotel, you head first to the famous Golden Temple, one of the most vital structures and key landmarks in the city. As you offer prayers and witness how tea and bread are made in this sacred location, you’ll discover how it has come to be so revered as the holiest gurdwara in the Sikh religion. This is followed by a trip to Jallianwala Bagh, which is a sacred location for all different reasons: the historical events that this garden commemorates calls back to the infamous massacre that took place, under the troops of the British Indian Army. Then you head for the Wagah Border, where a sacred ceremony takes place every day. It is a somber and touching moment to witness and a great way to cap your tour.  

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Amritsar City Private Car Charter - Tour

Amritsar City Private Car Charter

  • Amritsar, Punjab
  • 8 Hrs - 12 Hrs Duration
Starting from $ 22

In this tour, we will travel in a comfortable private charter on a modern air-conditioned car and enjoy 4, 8 or 12 hours of uninterrupted sightseeing in Amritsar city with utmost comfort. And explore the fascinating city of Amritsar with a private charter service! Take a ride on a modern air-conditioned wagon, if you’re traveling in a group of 4 or a van, if you’re traveling with a group of 6. Choose from flexible packages based on how long you wish you to travel around the city per hour or per kilometers. With 4,8, 12 hours of duration options, take control of your own itinerary and pick the places you desire to visit in whichever order you like. Get to visit Amritsar’s famous sites such as the Golden Temple, Jallianwala Bagh, Martyrs’ Well and more. Enjoy a safe and comfortable charter service with professional drivers behind the wheel and pick up/drop off service available Amritsar City areas and feel at ease with a professional and friendly driver that will get you to your desired locations safely.  

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Wagah Beating Retreat Border Ceremony (with Dinner) in Amritsar - Tour

Wagah Beating Retreat Border Ceremony (with Dinner) in Amritsar

  • Hardo Rattan, Punjab
  • 4 Hrs - 5 Hrs Duration
Starting from $ 15

In this tour, we will experience the beating retreat at Wagah Border, famous for the ceremonial closing of gates and have dinner at a local restaurant to sample some local cuisine. The Wagah Beating Retreat Border ceremony remains moving as a testament of history, culture, and international relations between India and Pakistan. Head out to the Wagah Border with your English speaking guide and watch as you head to the Grand Trunk Road, the only link between India and Pakistan in 1999. In the ceremony, you will watch the soldiers of two nations put on a show of sorts, with the lowering of both flags and a handshake between two nations. Hear about its origins and why it continues to be done to this day before heading off to Amritsar, visiting a local restaurant, and sampling some delicious local cuisine. It’s a great cultural experience you shouldn’t miss in Amritsar.  

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Amritsar Partition Museum Tour - Tour

Amritsar Partition Museum Tour

  • Katra Ahluwalia, Punjab
  • 3 Hours
Starting from $ 14

In this tour, we will go to the unique museum is dedicated to the memory of the partition of the subcontinent in 1947 and we will learn the grave facts and events surrounding its victims, its survivors, and its lasting legacy and discover the history of the partition that affected lives and uncover the events through multimedia exhibits. This tour will be a three-hour journey into the events of 1947 when the events of India's division of that year caused a ripple of shocking and somber moments in its history. With an English speaking guide, you'll explore the different exhibitions, with both video and photographic displays providing you with the stories behind the events. The museum is a multimedia one, with audiovisual stations and more. Paintings of artists depicting these harrowing times are also on display in the museum, providing a deeply moving look into the events of the year.  

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Sadda Pind Punjab Village Evening Tour - Tour

Sadda Pind Punjab Village Evening Tour

  • Guru Nanak Dev University, Punjab
  • 4 Hours
Starting from $ 18

In this tour, we will explore and learn about traditional Punjab culture in Sadda Pind, right in Amritsar. This evening tour to Sadda Pind, a local traditional Punjab village, gives you a glimpse of traditional Indian culture right in the heart of Amritsar. You’ll get picked up from your hotel in Amritsar and head to the village, where you will go exploring, learning about the local culture in different areas of the village. The village is authentic Punjab, as many locals call it. While it may be a recreation, it still remains very true to its roots – so much so that local youngsters are encouraged to visit there to reconnect. The real live “village fair” that it offers allows you to make your own Phulkari Juttis, clay toys, utensils, and even farming tools and implements. Food is also as authentic as possible. The traditional north Indian cuisine on offer can be found at Chayyee Ji da vera and Daar Ji da Dhaba. This place is adorned in authentic Punjabi style with mud houses with chapatis (cots).  

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3 Heritages in 5 Days - Tour

3 Heritages in 5 Days

  • Amritsar, Punjab
  • 4 Nights 5 Days
Starting from $ 86

Travel Needs Help, offer Vaishno Devi - Shiv Khori - Amritsar Tour is one of the holy pilgrimage tours of India, which includes Darshan of Mata Vaishno Devi, the Holy Cave abode of Lord Shiva, Shiv Khori and the Golden Temple at Amritsar and the local sightseeing places in Amritsar like Jalianwala Bagh, Wagah Border and much more. Make sure this package can make you unforgettable.  

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