If you are in Bangkok, the first experience that you must look forward to is the Chao Phraya Princess Dinner Cruise. It offers the signature Bangkok experience and that's just the beginning. This dinner cruise is an unquestionable experience for those wishing to appreciate a romantic night scenery along the Chao Phraya River.

The extravagant cruise offers a perspective on Bangkok's pleasant horizon while passing the delightfully lit noteworthy tourist spots of the capital, for example, the Temple of Dawn and the Grand Palace. Their extravagance supper buffet onboard incorporates a variety of dishes from Thai, Asian and International Cusine. There will be gifted saxophonists and artists playing delicate popular and jazz music all through the waterway trip. What's more, after supper you can spend a whole hour moving to the perky awesome tunes.

Experience the famous landmarks from River

Cruise gradually down the river enjoying a charge of authentic Thai cuisine and Bangkok's most acclaimed tourist spots like the Wat Arun (the Temple of Dawn) and the Royal Palace cruise by, giving you superb sundown photograph openings.

Experience The City of Angels around evening time

The cruise is the perfect way to appreciate the City of Angels around the evening time. Unwinding in present-day comfort and getting a charge out of renowned Thai friendliness you will see the glorious river and the numerous canals of the city once known as the "Venice of the East". Along with the waterways, hints of early Bangkok history and traditional life can be explored.

The Chao Phraya river around evening time is a charming and romantic spot. The Chao Phraya river, otherwise called the River of Kings, is one of Thailand's significant rivers. It begins in North-Western Thailand and is very nearly 400 kilometers in length. The river flows through Bangkok and finishes into the Gulf of Thailand. En route, many interesting sites can be seen, for example, the ancient city and old capital of Ayutthaya.

Explore Bangkok’s History from the famous Chao Phraya River

During this cruise, you will explore traces of Thai history going back to the time of the Rattanakosin when the capital of Bangkok was established in 1782.

In those days individuals used to settle by the Chao Phraya waterway and the numerous channels, later spreading out further away from the river.

During this cruise, you will explore extraordinary examples of both old architectures like the Bang Khun Phrom Palace, Santa Cruz Church, Kalayanamit Temple and modern-day engineering like Rama VIII bridge, the Oriental inn and the Shangri-La hotel.

You will get the chance to see some of the oldest structures in Bangkok, some going back to the earliest Portuguese settlements in the city. This cruise offers the ideal opportunity to appreciate Bangkok around evening time in a romantic setting while enjoying Thailand's well-known food.

The princess cruise Food-menu


●     Sushi ( Japanese Food)Chao Phraya Princess Dinner Cruise

●     Spicy Glass Noodle Seafood Salad

●     Papaya Salad

●     Tuna Salad

●     Kim Chi (Korean Food)

●     Cold - Cut

●     Tomato And Mushroom Salad

●     Salad Bar

●     Salad Bar 6 Different Soup

Vegetarian India

●     Paneer Masala    Chao Phraya Princess Dinner Cruise

●     Dal Tarka

●     Gobi Matter

●     Samosa

●     Raita

●     Yellow Rice

International Food

●     Tom Yum Koong (Spicy Shrimp Soup)

●     Mushroom Cream Soup

●     Hot Dish

●     Bake Surf Clam With Cheese

●     Grilled Saba With Soy Sauce

●     Deep-Fried Chicken

●     Pork In Red Curry

●     Beef Tenderloin Streak

●     Bake Shrimp With Salt&nbsp

●     German Sausage

●     Fried Mixed Vegetable

●     French Fried

●     Spaghetti Meat Sauce/ Seafood Sauce

●     Chicken Marsala

●     Deep-Fried Fish Cake

●     Fried Noodle Thai Style

●     Fried Rice Tristar Style                                              

●     Steam Rice

●     Dessert                                                    

●     Mixed Fruit In Season

●     Pasty Lod Chong (Boiled Flour With Coconut Milk)


The Chao Phraya Princess Dinner Cruise is undoubtedly one of the best experiences while staying in Bangkok. You can enjoy the best of Thailand in a romantic and calm setting of the famous Chao Phraya River, which makes it one of the best places to visit in Thailand. If you are planning to explore The Chao Phraya Princess River, you can check out our best deals offering the best of Thailand. Get in touch with us at info@travelneedshelp.com or visit us at http://www.travelneedshelp.com/

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