Bangkok - the city of angels, known for its fast-paced lifestyle is also the home of the few best temples in Thailand. The temples are also a unique part of the city’s heart and soul. A visit to Bangkok is incomplete without visiting these temples because apart from being religious places, these temples have a significant cultural and religious importance in Thai history. The architecture is stunning and the glittering design like no other. Imagine a large number of bits of shaded glass and ceramics adorned with mind-boggling structures gilded in glaring gold - you're without a doubt in a City of Angels!

The best time to visit these temples is usually early morning because mostly its less crowded and peaceful then. The temples ('wats') are tourist spots as well as have a significant influence on Buddhist traditions. Monks live in the temple buildings, wake up around 04:00, take care of prayers and duties and after that gather food and necessities from common individuals in the city. If you are up very early in Bangkok you will see monks strolling around, wearing saffron-colored robes. This everyday aid custom (called 'tak baht') happens all over Thailand and is a piece of the Buddhist way of thinking of giving and improving legitimacy to accomplish a real existence past this one.

It's overwhelming to visit every temple, so we've listed in the following three most significant temples in Bangkok, as per their beauty, social significance and high respect in Buddhism.  Thai temples are sacred places so you should dress suitably. No shorts or revealing tops, else you won't be permitted in, in most of them.

  • Wat Traimit - Temple of Golden Buddha

The famous Wat Traimit temple in Bankok is known as the home of the 5.5-tonne statue of seated Buddha. The golden sculpture dates back to the 13th century and is nearly 5 meters in height. This temple is located in Chinatown Bangkok, this ornate temple is around 450 meters west of the Hualampong Railway Station.

The image is carved in the elegant Sukhothai style, the image was discovered about 60 years prior, underneath a plaster outside when it tumbled from a crane while being moved inside the temple compound. It's speculated that the covering was added to shield it from raiding Burmese invaders, during an attack either in the late Sukhothai period or the Ayuthaya time frame.

  • Wat Pho - Temple of the Reclining Buddha

Wat Pho, the temple of reclining Buddha is a must-visit to any visitor of Bangkok. It is one of the largest temple complexes in the city and also the home of giant reclining Buddha that is 46 meters long and covered in gold. The place also incorporated the largest collection of images of Buddha in Thailand and the country’s first center for public education.

The temple covers an area of 8 hectares, a common public ritual at the temple is the donation of coins (representing alms) in a series of metallic bowls placed in a row to the rear of Buddha. Shoes must be taken off, and come dressed in long trousers/skirts.

  • Wat Benchamabopit - the marble temple

One of the most beautiful temples in Bangkok is also known as the marble temple. The temple, which was constructed in 1899 by Prince Narisara Nuvadtivongs (a stepbrother of King Rama V), attracts numerous visitors because of its traditional Thai engineering and utilization of European and Chinese design influences. Wat Benchamabophit is one of the six temples in Bangkok that gave with the title of the highest grade of first-class Royal temples.

The place is regarded as the marble temple because of its pillars, courtyard, and lion statue guardians that are entirely made of Italian marble is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful temples in Thailand.

Your visit to the city of angels is incomplete without exploring the European architecture and Italian marble masterfully molded into a temple.


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